Planning Consultancy


Our core sector, we provide strategic planning advice for a wide range of clients from private individuals to larger corporate clients. We manage, interpret and resolve planning issues and opportunities to unlock potential and create value from existing buildings and sites across London.

Regional Planning Consultancy

Advising predominantly investors and corporate clients on a range of development projects across the country. We are currently instructed on specific projects located in Milton Keynes, York, Maidenhead and Glasgow.


One of our specialist areas. We advise on all matters relating to the development of heritage assets including listed buildings, conservation areas and general issues relating to townscape.

Strategic Site Promotion

Working with policy makers to promote strategic land through the development plan process to obtain allocations for development. Defining the promotion strategy and co-ordinating the professional team required to support a successful promotion for our clients.

Development Consultancy

Development Strategy & Consultancy

Advising you on the best strategy for developing your property assets such as the mix of uses, density and unit sizes to ensure you maximise value. Dealing with issues of ransom and land assembly amongst others, all our advice has regard to planning deliverability and market context, taking into account risks and returns.

Purchase Appraisal & Negotiation

If you’re considering a development project we can undertake an appraisal to advise you on both the planning and commercial delivery aspects. The planning prospects for being able to achieve changes of use or increasing density and potential viability and profitability. Using our market experience we can help you negotiate purchase or leasing deals.

Development Appraisal & Viability

Undertaking viability appraisals to determine the right amount of affordable housing or financial contributions and to inform you about the most profitable way to develop your property assets. Working with your professional team we can analyse the financial performance of your development and identify areas to enhance returns and profitability.

Structuring Options & Promotion Agreements

Helping landowners with their long term site opportunities, typically on greenfield agricultural sites. Advising on the structure of Option and Promotion agreements to enable the land to be promoted for development over the medium and long term.